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With more than nine million listeners on a daily basis, RADIO MAX is the most successful shopping radio in Europe. At the same time the team in Vienna offers the utmost expertise in brand staging directly at the point of sale. A 360-degree support with one hundred per cent know-know.

RADIO MAX is more than radio. The company stands for retail experience with a high coverage. It organises more than 300 events per year and stages products at the point of sale quite skilfully. With their new website, even more people will get to know that and it shows everyone, that RADIO MAX has not only the perfect overview but also a vision. Besides: As great as RADIO MAX presents the brands of others, they should present themselves at their own online appearance.


Instead of a classic corporate website that tells one everything about the company and its history, moodley decided to focus on content – in form of news and researched stories. Editorial articles support the competence of RADIO MAX and show in which areas of retail the company works: namely in nearly all of them. Blog entries – that could be detailed articles, interviews or videos – alternate on the website, like the design’s tiles also change with every page view. This is how you keep things exciting. Furthermore moodley also made the website fully accessible.

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