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Freshness made digital.

RINGANA has high standards. And that is a good thing, to guarantee that solely the highest-quality and most natural ingredients find their way into the cosmetics and vital products. The new website leaves no room for doubt about that and makes a very fresh, first impression.


The family-run business based in Hartberg follows a strict policy: Only natural ingredients and no chemicals or artificial additives. After all, nature has a lot to offer – from evening primrose oil and raspberry, to carrot: RINGANA creates really magical products from magical recipes. And all that without magic. With the new website, moodley brand identity has tried to capture the freshness philosophy for the digital world.


The new website revolves around the products. With playful links, subpages with information about the company and little sneak peaks into the laboratory. Matching typography, photography and design fit the new corporate design perfectly and make for the lightest web appearance. Just like RINGANA, moodley has only used the best ingredients. The result: The most natural and fresh experience in the whole World Wide Web.

Our Services

Digital Design, Storytelling, Content Strategie



Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Strategic consulting
Gernot Leonhartsberger

Brand consulting
Lisa Haller

Art direction
Wolfang Niederl
Sabine Kernbichler

Graphic design
Sabine Kernbichler
Viola Prüller

Michael Königshofer
Elisabeth Mörz

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Crossmedia consulting & concept
Katrin Hutter

Matthias Alber
Lisa Haller

Project management
Lisa Haller
Rupert Rechling

Timotheus Triebl
Marcel Seelig

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