A sense for living.

For many people interior design is a manifestation of their personality. Professional technical knowledge paired with an intuitive sense for space and composition, ROOMS is a special place for distinguished living. moodley brand identity designed a corporate concept which is subtle, yet modern and distinctive – and just as delicate as the interior design of ROOMS itself.


Designing a room is not only a matter of good taste. Creating the individual note, highlighting the special and distinctive character of a room from endless possibilities is an art itself. The atelier ROOMS practice it with real passion and a keen sense for each and every client. Beauty and aesthetics play significant parts in the work of interior designers, but the interior concepts never remain on the surface. Instead they are fine and sensitive interpretations, where numerous details form a continuous whole. moodley brand identity created a timeless and tasteful corporate design that resonates perfectly with the personality of the brand.


ROOMS designs non-ordinary living and working spaces with an unmatched individual touch and a special understanding for the language and art of interior design – always with a fine sense for crafted perfection, high-quality materials, colours and shapes. With great sensitivity throughout the designing process moodley identified the essence of the brand: pastel tones, an elegant typo and an unique handwriting emphasize the personality of ROOMS. Elegance and simplicity, urbanity and class mixed with lightness and a hint of extravagance create the unique identity of the brand. The website should also be equal to this straightforward elegance and convey the company's values to the outside world.

Our Services

Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Corporate Design
Website Development
Graphic Design
Rollout & Implementation
Storytelling & Content



Brand Consulting:
Maria Hoflehner,
Kirsten Ives

Creative Direction:
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction & Graphic Design:
Sabine Kernbichler

Rita Stahlberg

Project Management:
Maria Hoflehner

Mia Feline,
Lumikki Photography,
Philipp Schuster

Web Design:
Jürgen Genser,
Sabine Kernbichler

Patrick Hainzl

Director Digital:
Thiemo Gillisen

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