Rosenbauer RT
The electrifying future of firefighting!

Scheduled revolutions sometimes do take place and visions do become a reality! That’s exactly what happened at Rosenbauer, the global market leader for fire fighting equipment: An electric revolution, designed by moodley.


Developed from the concept vehicle CFT, the RT (Revolutionary Technology) is now – after extensive testing and regular improvements – finally ready for serial production. After a long and intensive development process the world’s first hybrid fire engine, a completely new type of vehicle with a new configuration and new technology has officially been introduced to the public. It has been moodley industrial design’s mission to create the functional, pioneering design for this revolutionary piece of technology.


Following the principle that innovation has to look innovative, moodley industrial design developed the whole design of the RT based on the characteristic Rosenbauer design language.
Both the innovative exterior and the ergonomic interior design in the cabin and the cockpit aim to make the transformation of fire fighting towards the future tangible.

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Rosenbauer International AG

Design Direction
Raimund Klausegger
Daniel Huber

© Image: Rosenbauer International

© Image: Rosenbauer International

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Form full of function: The pioneering exterior of the RT employs the principle of the Swiss Army knife – containing a cornucopia of functions and tools – as an integral part of the design.

The highly ergonomic, analogue and digital interface and interior design facilitates easy and intuitive handling of the tools. The open-plan concept encourages communication of the crew.

© Bild rechts: Rosenbauer International

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