Saint Sass
Show your sass!

With the tights by Saint Sass, the wearers don’t just show style but also the courage to stand up for themselves and make a self-confident statement. Characteristics that moodley has also given to the new brand.

The fact that tights are not boring – or even anachronistic – but useful, stylish item of clothing, has already been proven by Munich-based Airless Fashion GmbH with the weber tights. With a new brand, this idea should now be raised to a new level. The self-confidence of a young target audience, effortless elegance and charm and the courage to be rebellious should be found in a new brand, which moodley created and supported from the naming process to the detailed implementation.


Saint Sass is the name that already contains everything that the brand and its products stand for: self-confident fashion on a new level. With attitude and humour. That name was developed by moodley, as was the entire brand identity, from the packaging and the imagery to the text. The truly rebellious brand effortlessly combines the cheeky attitude of Berlin and the chic of the fashion metropolis Paris.

With real statement tights, the young women wear their self-image on their skin in the form of sassy lines. The brand's visual language appropriately puts the protagonists in the foreground and stages them self-confidently and self-determinedly.

A specially created pattern, inspired by Jackson Pollock's Action Painting – hand-painted and then digitized – brings dynamism, the power of the immediate and freedom from traditional conventions to packaging and printed matter.
The typography, with a finely drawn logotype and bold typeface in various applications, as well as the strong colours underline the tension inherent in the brand. "Tights for tigers and birds" is a powerful claim that, together with the tights, carries the mindset of a brand that is many things, but is guaranteed not to be boring.

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Airless Fashion GmbH

Design Director:
Nora Obergeschwandner

Graphic Design:
Nora Obergeschwandner, Helena Brosch-Foraheim

Image Photography:
Jonas Huckstorf

Anna Schwarzlmüller

Project Management:
Katharina Pristolic

Portfolio Photography:
Aaron Jiang