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The new native.

Red Bull is not about energy drinks anymore, but about brave athletes and breathtaking photography. With Servus am Marktplatz, the global player has taken up its recipe for success and has given the term “home” a whole new meaning.

Home does not have to mean old-fashioned comfort, but can be modern and traditional at the same time – as proven by Servus am Marktplatz. moodley brand identity developed an entirely new online shop adapted to the whole “Servus” line. The result: A marketplace that treats customers as nicely as the owner of a corner store and wraps the orders in a way that grandma would have been proud of.


A love of natural, traditional products and a noticeable passion for extraordinary craftsmanship are made tangible in the new online shop. Texts, pictures and videos illustrate the connection to home and whisk the visitors away to the small factories and kitchens. Lovely illustrations and playful design show the authenticity behind the products. Servus am Marktplatz brilliantly proves that home can look different, but also authentic and great at the same time.

Our Services

User Experience Design, E-Commerce Strategy


Red Bull Media House

Project management
Red Bull Media House
Judith Pertl
Caro Frank (Caro Frank Markenberatung)

Project management digital
Red Bull Media House
Christian Plamenig

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction & graphic design
Sabine Kernbichler
Nicole Lugitsch

Brand consulting
Caro Frank (Caro Frank Markenberatung)

Reinhard Blumenschein (Weinper&Co GmbH Wien)

Rita Stahlberg
Sarah Posch

Project management moodley
Markus Supanitsch

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Web design
Alex Muralter

HTML/CSS implementation

CMS/shop implementation
commercetools GmbH

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