The Bear Necessities.

It strengthens the immune system. It puts you in a good mood and provides warmth and power from within. Ginger is a true all-rounder. As Ingbär, the ginger bear, created by moodley, it’s now getting its big break in the Sonnentor range.


From tea to syrup, as seasoning or for snacking, the ginger line in the Sonnentor range is sizable and popular. With its mild sharpness, the versatile tuber, regardless of its form adds that certain something to food and drink and if necessary turns up the heat on that pesky cold.

moodley was tasked with redesigning the entire ginger packaging range, thereby ensuring that it remains a welcome guest in every household.


Everyone knows about it and at least as many love it: ginger. In the course of the redesign of its packaging range, this jack-of-all-trades is staged in an unusual way. And created the Ingbär (ginger bear)

The illustrated character not only cuts a good figure in a wide variety of tasks and life situations, but also encapsulates the effect of the respective product. It is accompanied by friends like Zita Zitrone (Zita, the lemon) or Kurt Kurkuma (Kurt, the turmeric) and matching headlines and stories.

Now available on the shelves, the Ingbär is there to help everyone. It understands its trade and to use its skills whenever and however it is required.

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Package Design
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Creative Direction:
Volkmar Weiss

Art Direction:
Johanna Pötsch

Graphic Design:
Johanna Pötsch

Project Management:
Marion Baku, Marie-Christine Mohnl

Max Karall

Portfolio Photography:
Aaron Jiang

Denis Mujakovic

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