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A magazine that can be enjoyed just like an outstanding wine. And like every good vintage, every edition has its own character, never losing any of its grandeur. Influenced by STK’s winegrowers, who follow their own paths but support each other along the way.


More than 30 years ago some extraordinary winegrowers from Southern and South-Eastern Styria joined forces in order to strengthen the region. At a time when nobody believed in this region as a hot spot for world-class wines. Ever since a lot has changed but a lot has also remained the same. For example, the difficult conditions, the steep hills, the unpredictable weather and the versatile soils require cumbersome handiwork, willpower and experience. Curse and blessing at the same time, because the unmistakable taste of the Styrian wines can only be created this way.
Despite all their individual characters the new generation of winegrowers committed themselves to a common goal as well: to achieve top performances. In the STK wineries’ annual magazine, customers and guests get to know the winegrowers, the region and its “Lagen”. At the same time it focuses on topics that are an indispensable part of STK’s work and life: architecture, design, cuisine, art and culture.


Good wine takes time. The same applies the STK magazine. You can just sit back and relax when reading it. The fact that it only appears once a year reflects the rhythm of a winery. The large format invites to intensive enjoyment and the decision for a bilingual magazine was an obvious one since the winegrowers are internationally connected.
Each edition has one main topic, which is captured in short texts and large-format images. N° 1 focuses on “Past & Present”: How do the “young” master the gap between tradition and vision, between down-to-earth attitude and ambitious plans? The first magazine shows how harmoniously old and new, original substance and modern approaches come together. The specially developed typography with rough edges offers an interesting contrast to the clear design.
The latest edition dives even deeper into the matter and shows how little details make a subtle difference. The hills, the soil’s biodiversity, the weather conditions, the maturing time and storage transform each vintage into something unique – without exception. It’s all the small and large subtleties as well as all the hand movements over the course of a vintner’s year that create something grand.

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Brand Consulting:
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Creative Director:
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Art Director:
Wolfgang Niederl, Denis Lelic

Graphic Design:
Denis Lelic, Wolfgang Niederl

Project Management:
Lisa Haller

Michael Königshofer, Marion Luttenberger, Elisabeth Mörz

Andreas Kump, Sebastian Krause
Dennis Mujakovic

Christiane Roth

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