Life´s hard in the mountains.

Ten wineries with strong personalities, individual stories and multi-faceted wines – unified in one constant by moodley brand identity.

At first glance, the region might appear as every vintner’s steep, rainy nightmare. But still: The hills of Southern Styria with their unpredictable weather conditions and mixed climate are home to international award-winning wines. The ten STK vintners stand for highest quality and constant innovation – and for every day’s fight with Mother Nature. This area of conflict, the hard work in the steep hills and the visionary approach to wine, played the essential part in the new website – designed by moodley brand identity.


A simplistic, large-scale design, a newly designed typography and characteristically strong photography enable the visitors to enter the contrary world of the STK vintners. The supposedly soft, homey image of vintners has disappeared and was replaced by a new down-to-earthiness that highlights the everyday struggle with nature. Following the leitmotif “Life’s hard in the mountains”, the vintners are presented in approachable, straight-forward portraits, while the carefully crafted texts provide insights into the world behind the ideology.

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Steirische Terroir- und Klassikweingüter

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