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Efficient consultants.

Austria’s biggest industry consultants have been around for 20 years, working non-bureaucratically and with a lot of sophistication and personal commitment for their clients. And it is for these same clients that Syngroup is now on a worldwide search for even the slightest bit of increased efficiency.

It is said that a good advisor has at least one, or even better, two, headhunter’s offers on their desk. The goal of Syngoup’s rebranding was to become more attractive for qualified applicants and to strengthen the bond between employees and company. Treasured employees may be flattering, but what Syngroup really wants are long-standing relationships between employees and clients.


The success of Syngroup is largely based on the cooperation of experts and newcomers. Inspired by this self-perception and the solution-oriented work ethos, moodley created a clear and harmonious appearance across multiple channels. The focus was put on the large portraits – after all, you work for and with people. Three months after the launch of the new website, the number of applicants had risen sevenfold. In the meantime the office spaces have also been adapted to the brand design and turned into branded spaces.

Our Services

Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy, Consumer Understanding & Insights, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Corporate Publishing, Content Strategie, Storytelling, Digital Design & Development, Brand Communication


Syngroup Management Consulting

Strategic consulting
Johanna Ecker

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Graphic Design
Josef Heigl

Project management
Christina Schachner

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Marion Luttenberger

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