Syngroup Magazin Vol. 2
The Efficiency Review Vol. 2

Wolfgang Hillebrand and Heinz Marx founded Sygroup in 1995 with the goal to make the working processes of large industrial companies easier and more effective. Twenty years later, in the year 2015, Syngroup is Austria’s biggest industrial advisor. The second edition of the company magazine was the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past.


After 20 years have passed, Syngroup is still searching for the most efficient solutions for their clients. And even though a lot has changed since the founding of the company, efficiency is still the focus. The second edition of “The Efficiency Review” should not only shed light on the topic and facets of efficiency, but should also give the readers a peek into the past.


On the 74 pages of the magazine, moodley illustrated the topic of efficiency in all its complexity and followed up on the first edition with an original, harmonious design. A lovely designed info graphic recalls the last 20 years of Syngroup and offers a chance for self-reflection. Because those who want to be efficient, must never stop working on themselves.

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Creative direction
Gerd Schicketanz

Art direction & Graphic design
Brini Fetz

Rudolf Binder

Julian Mullan
Peter Mayr
Elisabeth Mörz
Michael Königshofer

Project Management
Johanna Stockhammer

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