Telegraf 7
The Business Class of Architecture.

The magnificent facade in Mariahilf, Vienna’s 6th district, has remained intact to this day. The interior has changed a little, though. What will always last is the demand for exclusivity. At TELEGRAF 7, modern design meets historical architecture. moodley brand identity made sure the brand look appropriately reflected this.


Architect Eugen Fassbender designed the building as a link between representative architecture and functionality. It functioned as the telephone switchboard for the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from 1899. Today, TELEGRAF 7 is an ideally located hotspot for the communication sector in mid Vienna. The special reinterpretation of the architecture in this central location was the basis for a communication strategy targeted at established businesses as future tenants.


Following the leitmotif “business class reloaded”, moodley brand identity created a branding that perfectly expresses the exclusive feeling of the property. Aside from an informative brochure and other marketing measures such as fact sheets and a ground plan for the building, an accompanying website and various print ads in lifestyle and specialist media have also been created.

Our Services

Naming, Branded Addresses, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Digital Design & Development


JP Immobilien

Creative/art direction
Gerd Schicketanz

Graphic design
Zachary Kutz
Corina Breban

Andreas Kump

Julian Mullan

Director digital
Birgit Taucher

Project management
Olivia Forstmayr

Thomas Allmer
Clemens Sagmeister