Who let the pug out?

The highest situated meber of the Eder Collection is at least as unique as its relatives. The new alpine hut of a very different kind has gone to the dog. In the best sense.

The Eder Collection in Maria Alm is the anchorige ground for everyone who wants to really enjoy the Hochkönig region. Individuality and a touch for the special something lies in the family. This is why the new hut at the Natrun mountain station is no ordinary skiing lodge, but a mixture of rustic charm, modern architecture and urban style, which should also be expressed in the corporate design – down to the last detail.


tom is an alpine hut that surprises. So does the new identity. The design was created around the likeness of Choupette, the pug of owner and “Hüttenwirt” Tom. It carries the very personal touch of the host into the world. The tension between the charm of a traditional hut and urban modernity with a charming touch continues throughout the design. While the signature element, the illustrated Choupette, also appears in humorous variations and the "tom" lettering is a bit playful, the rest of the typeface is clear and the black and white design, for example in all the printed material, is an expression of modern straightforwardness. Together, all elements have a clear message: There may be many lodges on the Hochkönig, but none is as unique as tom.

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edertom GmbH & Co KG

Creative Direction:
Mike Fuisz

Art Direction:
Nicole Mentasti,
Sabine Kernbichler (Web)

Graphics Design:
Nicole Mentasti,
Lena Wurm,
Raphael Koitz

Web concept:
Raphael Copony,
Lisa Haller

Web design:
Jürgen Genser

b.bassetti photography,
Well Hotel

Portfolio Photography:
Lumikki Photography,
Marktl Photography,
Aaron Jiang

Dominic Fuss

Lisa Haller

Project management:
Lisa Haller

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