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Perikles knew it long ago: The secret to freedom is courage. And Toni Hubmann had the courage as well as the determination to try out something new. Then freedom just turned up, so to say. And since then, the friendly farmer from Glein near Knittelfeld has the happiest chickens under the sun.


At Toni’s, free-range does not only refer to a smart way of producing healthy and organic food, but it is more of an aspiration. A way of thinking that does not use animals as objects and livestock, but gives them the respect they deserve. moodley tried to capture this free spiritedness and new approach in a magazine. It was no easy task, but an all the more beautiful experience.


The magazine does not limit itself to products and Toni’s philosophy. Instead, it opens up many different perspectives including the exciting topic of animal character studies: Who knew that lions are cowards and wild hogs are wise when they grow old? A portrait of sociologist Roland Girtler and other interesting pieces round off the magazine. Toni has proven it once again: Freedom has many facets. And there are always new ways to find one’s own personal freedom.

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Toni’s Freilandeier

Art direction
Natascha Triebl

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Tobias Federsel
Andreas Braunendal
Katrin Blawat
Süddeutsche Zeitung

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Georg Petermichl
Chris Zenz
Albert Handler

Bernd Kienreich

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