Toni’s Schafmilch & Ziegenmilch Joghurt
Expect the unexpected.

Getting along with chickens does not guarantee that you also get along with sheep and goats. But that is not at all the case with free-range pioneer Toni Hubmann. The skeptics should go ahead and try his sheep or goat milk yogurt and admire the lovely new packaging. Made by moodley, by the way.


Few people know that at Toni’s farm, you not only find the happiest chickens, but also a flock of sheep and a herd of goats who are also pretty cheerful. They are responsible for the delicious sheep and goat’s milk yogurt: genetically unmodified and in three delicious flavors – for all those who are looking for a special taste or do not take cow milk that well.


moodley brand identity took care of the redesign and created a 100% recyclable packaging that perfectly aligns with the rest of the Toni product range. Typography, illustrations and colors have a high recognition value. Plus: The topics health, nature and animal welfare are presented in an enjoyable way – just as you would expect from Toni’s.

Our Services

Brand Communication, Package Design


Toni’s Handels GmbH

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Natascha Triebl

Project management
Johanna Tauschmann

Photography & image processing

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