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For over 10 years, moodley has been working with Toni’s, establishing what has become Europe’s first and possibly one and only real egg brand in Europe. A friendly brand that stands for the best eggs under the sun.


The founder of Toni’s Freilandeier, Toni Hubmann, is a pioneer of free-range eggs. For over 25 years, his chickens (who are said to be the happiest chickens under the sun) live their life in freedom. It is always a question of approach. And here, the visionary founder is always breaking new ground.


Freedom is also at the center of the brand’s corporate design: Always in a new and unconventional interpretation. And in such a natural way that when you see a Toni’s product, you immediately feel the sun and visualize the happiest chickens in the world running through the fields.

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Brand Positioning & Brand Strategy, Naming, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Brand Communication, Package Design, Digital Design & Development, Corporate Publishing, Storytelling


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