Welcome to the honest ice age.

Ice cream season can’t come soon enough. Veganista’s vegan ice cream delicacies are now available in Supermarkets across Austria. As always with a lot of taste, but without additives and artificial colours. The packaging designed by moodley makes sure you can’t miss them when you are looking for a treat in the freezers.


With Veganista, the sisters Cecilia Havmöller and Susanna Paller have landed a not so surprising coup: Honest ice cream, without additives, but completely vegan, combined with a strong brand. That way the two entrepreneurs took the taste buds of the Austrians and especially the Viennese by storm. Finally, this recipe for success is finding its way to Austrian supermarket shelves. Together with Spar Austria, the sisters initially started with four favourite varieties. More will follow soon. To this end, moodley designed packaging that does justice to an extraordinary product and at the same time is an ambassador for the brand and its values.


Uncomplicated, without unnecessary embellishments and honest in its appearance: the presentation in the supermarket perfectly aligns with Veganista's credo. moodley gave the tub an unmistakable look. The packaging with it’s bright colours from the Veganista palette, puts the ice cream scoop at the centre. The “V” signet is placed centrally on it and creates additional recognition when the ice cream is on display. This simple but recognizable design leaves enough space for important things: like the prominently placed vegan logo and playful names like “Kiss the cookie” or “Nuts about you”. In addition, the ingredients can be found prominently on the front, because there is really nothing to hide. On the contrary: the fair approach is something to be proud about. Just like the packaging itself.

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Design Director:
Doris Pesendorfer

Graphic design:
Doris Pesendorfer, Helena Brosch

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Gerhard Wasserbauer

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