Verdarium – Branding
A love of beauty.

Nora Stalzer and Clemens Lutz had a dream. And they made it come to life with Verdarium. The two landscape designers have created a place where their preference for high-quality materials meets their love of sophisticated shapes. moodley has created a branding for this special place of aesthetic desire.

Verdarium gives their visitors the possibility to feel the connection between landscape architecture and nature: 3000 square meters are the perfect showroom for furniture of identity and character that is also 100% weather resistant. moodley created a brand presence that unifies theoretical knowledge and practice.


Actually conceptualized as a trial garden, Verdarium now acts as a playground of new ideas and aesthetic outdoor furniture. moodley created a corporate identity for the brand – with a fine, straight look where the playful but reserved visuals have been combined with delicate typography.

Our Services

Brand Positioning, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Brand Communication


Nora Stalzer
Clemens Lutz

Strategic consulting
Halla Mixa
Albert Handler

Creative & art direction
Albert Handler

Graphic design
Anouk Rehorek

Alanova Druck

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