Viani – Branding
Of seamen and merchants

The Vianis are a family of explorers, eccentrics, perfectionists and individualists. What the members have in common: a passion for delicate, Italian food. moodley did a rebranding – for new wind in the sails.


His father, his grandfather and even his great-grandfather – all three travelled the oceans to trade food in all corners of the world. Antonio Viani continued this family tradition. This is how the former truffles shop became a place for delicacies. Viani knows all of his producers personally and only chooses the best goods for its range of products. To make this dedication also tangible in the B2C-area was the main task in rebranding Viani.


Now the Italian joie de vivre and the passion for all the good things can not only be found in the welcoming language but also the design. The repositioning sharpened the profile of the traditional family business, that can finally concentrate on the essential thing again: the good taste. Visible in print, online and in the shop.

Welcome to the family.

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