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For generations Viani has pampered its customers with Italian delicacies. Now it was time to make the Ligurian family’s good taste also digitally visible.

Rebranding Viani included the modernisation of the website respectively the online shop. The brand should not only convey the Italian way of life in print, but also digitally – to make the delicate food palatable to customers, even through laptop or tablet. For example by giving them the opportunity to buy products at shops nearby. Which in turn required extended features for logged in retailers to administrate their products or pictures easily.


A website that not only shows Italy’s most beautiful sites but brings them to life – in detailed product descriptions and lovely stories about the country and its inhabitants. What looks easy and playful was carefully planned. moodley worked intensively on the usability and the user experience. So that the joie de vivre and the information are both included, but one will also find requested sites immediately. Intuitive navigation that always leads to the right product. Not for nothing the website was rewarded with the Shop Usability Award in the category “Most innovative shop”. Benissimo!

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