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Amore in small doses

Italy is the land of tomatoes. Their red isn’t brighter anywhere else and they don’t taste better anywhere else. The deli food shop Viani does not only market Ligurian delicacies but also high-quality tomato products – from Passata til Sugo. We have newly packaged the brand store and created a special retro design for everything tomato.


In 2015 moodley developed the new corporate design for Viani, a Germany based retailer for Italian delicacies. The last step was the revision of the packaging of Viani’s store brand. A quite important task. Not least because customers get in touch with a culinary brand in retail mainly by the product’s orchestration. So what was needed was a packaging concept that offers a high recognition factor despite having such a huge range. The tomato products were supposed to play an important role in all of this.


Tomatoes have always been the base for the majority of Italian dishes – this is why tomato products – from Passata til Sugo – get treated differently. To make one feel romantic Italy when opening a Polpa tin, a special retro edition was created for tomato products: A tasty tomato red is staged prominently and the “Dolce Vita” was translated in an atmospheric packaging design. “That’s amore”, that’s what Dean Martin would say.

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Packaging Design


Antonio Viani Importe GmbH

Art Direction
Nora Obergeschwandner

Graphic Design
Nora Obergeschwandner

Alex Rehm

Michael Königshofer

Antonio Viani Importe GmbH

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