Elementary, my dear gourmet!

The Yoso in Andernach is home to Sarah Henke’s signature Aroma Cuisine. It combines the diverse flavours of Asia. Creative, authentic and yet staying away from the Asian clichés. The same applies to the new design for the Michelin-starred restaurant.


German-Korean Sarah Henke has been one of the best chefs in Germany for years. After several stints in the international gourmet-cuisine, she has realized her very own vision of Asian cuisine, sushi and street food at the restaurant Yoso in Andernach. Her signature Aroma Cuisine combines the diverse flavours of Asia. A corporate identity should not only reflect this individual approach, it must also meet the demands of an international gourmet hot spot.


Just like the cuisine and the chef herself, the new look moves away from the clichés of "typical" Asian restaurants and combines traditional, recognizable elements with a modern approach. The Korean characters 요 (yo) 소 (so) are at the centre of the various design applications. Yoso, Korean for elements is not only a visual anchor. The four elements fire, water, earth and air can also be found on the menus as four dining categories. White space was consciously used in the design of the printed material, in order to give space to the graphic and typographic components. In the contrast to an overall rather modest colouration a bright red creates optical focal points. The interaction of all elements creates an appearance that provides the framework for a truly enjoyable experience

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creative direction:
Mike Fuisz

Laura Kalcher

art direction:
Natascha Triebl

graphic design:
Natascha Triebl, Martina Kogler

Michael Königshofer

web design:
Natascha Triebl, Jürgen Genser

web development:
Fabio Wallner

project management:
Laura Kalcher