Z Ballerini – Branding
Hand-crafted in Detroit.

Even though the machines in Detroit are at standstill, the fashion industry is always in motion. Z Ballerini took the frozen atmosphere of the industrial city as the source of inspiration for his work: Elegant bags for men of character. With the new corporate design by moodley brand identity, the brand’s authenticity has finally become perceptible.


Z Ballerini grew up near the former automotive capital Detroit – in a city full of vacant machine halls and abandoned factories. But this environment has not discouraged Ballerini, on the contrary: The son of a farmer handcrafts bags made of natural materials for men of strong character and personality. Urban, elegant and exclusive. The new corporate design is built on this exact feeling.


The rough spirit of Detroit is the central element to the new corporate design. Muted colors, strong shapes and sharp contrasts reduce the label to the essentials: The craft, the materials and the man who wears them. The brand’s self-confidence should be noticeable in the corporate design and should bring to mind that although Detroit is not what it used to be anymore, but with the help of young labels such as Z Ballerini, it is on the best way to reinvent itself.

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Z Ballerini

Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Kurt Glänzer

Graphic design
Kurt Glänzer
Marie Zieger

Director digital & project management
Birgit Taucher

Marcel Seelig
Stefan Wenger

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