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To deliver what is needed when needed. That's the business of Zultner. The experts in metal and welding technology are masters of agile supply. moodley provided the dignified brand appearance.


Zultner specializes in supply chain solutions for high-quality metals and welding technology. Expertise, customer orientation and flexibility are at the heart of the innovative company. In an ever faster developing industry, Zultner is as a reliable, well-connected and – above all – agile supply partner. All of this should be made visible with a new brand positioning and brand design.


For the hidden champion in the metal industry moodley has created a distinctive, stringent strategy, story and design that stands out. Starting with the company logo, a clear typeface and a restrained colour scheme tie all the elements of the new appearance together. Strong yellow accents fulfil a highlight function. The language of the claims and all other massages also reflects the company’s solution-oriented approach and its focus on the essentials. A new signet based on geometric shapes completes a design with a straightforward look that keeps its originality and that has been consistently implemented in all areas: from the website to an image brochure and from work wear to pencils.

Our Services

Brand Strategy
Corporate Design
Digital Design & Development


Zultner Metall GmbH

Creative Direction
Mike Fuisz

Kirsten Ives

Art Direction
Stefan Unger

Kristina Kurre, Stefan Unger

Digital Design
Jürgen Genser, Susi Pirnik

Website Development
Lukas Guschlbauer

Project management
Bernhard Matzhold

Alex Krischner


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