From Ratsch out into the world

Harmonious, noble and elegant – Ewald Zweytick’s wines exhibit the same qualities as the branding by moodley brand identity.


A hint of dried mushrooms, forest soil, grapefruit, marzipan, slight aromas of banana, glaced citrus, mango and melon – who would have thought that all these flavors can be found in Southern Styria ? Ewald Zweytick brings this variety from Ratsch an der Weinstraße out into the world – from London to Singapore.


On their way around the world, the noble wine bottles have taken on a new design. The wooden packages literally got branded: A branding stamp complements the clear style as well as the noble reduction – so that the first appearance is already warming before the exit.

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Brand Strategy, Naming, Corporate Design, Roll Out & Implementation, Package Design, Digital Design & Development


Creative direction
Mike Fuisz

Art direction
Natascha Triebl

Project management
Johanna Tauschmann

Albert Handler