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our culture

At moodley, we are passionate about creating experiences that people love to buy, use and recommend. 
This passion drives everything we do.
When passion and work come together – it can sometimes be hectic, deadline-driven and challenging. 
This makes it all the more important to support each other on our journey, focusing on trust, growth, balance and drive.
We strive to establish a work culture at moodley that is based on these principles, that enables us to grow and to follow our passion to create work that has a positive impact on people and the planet wherever possible.

30 days of paid
vacation and
part-time work

Creativity requires energy and focus. It is important to us that you are happy and healthy at moodley and have the energy and balance to do great work. That is why we offer 30 days of paid vacation (full-time) – enough time to recharge, stay healthy, mindful and creative. We also offer the opportunity to work in part-time capacity, for example a 4-day week (Mon - Thur).

Flexible work life
and remote culture

At moodley we are driven by the impact we can create - not the exact office hours we keep. 
So you can choose the place of work that is best for you: one of our beautiful offices – or your home office – it’s up to you. 
We are equally flexible with working hours: 
There are core working hours and your team might require you to attend specific sessions - but you can structure much of your working time flexibly.

Beautiful and
versatile offices

We have four unique office spaces centrally located in the cities of Graz, Vienna and Munich. Each office space offers the ideal environment to either work in focus, collaborate or recharge. You also have the opportunity to switch office locations to connect to other team members and the local culture.


We live a culture of cultures – and celebrate our diversity across locations and teams.
Simultaneously, we bring our diverse teams together at regular events to connect outside of the everyday business context.

Trust and
open minds

The basis of a dynamic, flexible and happy workplace is trust. We thrive to create a culture where we trust in each other’s skills and motivations. Trust enables us to work well together - communicate our strengths and weaknesses, learning from mistakes and supporting each other in our growth.

Learning, personal
growth & inspiration

We actively invest in your learning and development journey - be it in time or financially. This may include our structured growth framework, (online-) courses, conferences, workshops, books, tools – whatever you need to learn relevant new things and stay inspired. We also love if you share your new knowledge with the team! As a unique benefit, we offer all team members a free ticket to the annual Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz!

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