about us
It’s a sign
of the times:
there’s too much
of everything

That’s something we’ve heard from our clients’ clients.
Branding, which is our expertise, talks to people.
Dialogue is worth more than ever before.

The value of your business, brand or service increases in direct proportion to the speed and ease with which your clients can say YES to your quote. People ignore design that ignores people. And people ignore business models that ignore people.

Design as we know it brings everything to­gether, a harmonious business model, position­ing and presence in the market. And of course, communi­cation. Together with our clients, we work on bold differentiation strategies that make them unique, inspire their employees and create a certain kind of magnetism. Strategies that open up new markets for brands and make them come to life – analogically and digitally.

Businesses, brands or services: it is easier to identify with, talk about and share experiences of something if it means something to us. Clearly defining the inner truth – and projecting it with multidisciplinary creative power, consistently and emotionally. That is our proven strength.

This is also why moodley currently employs more than 60 designers from all different areas; brand consultants, graphic designers, UX-designers, copywriters, web programmers, architects, photographers, illustrators, Social Media strategists. A multidisciplinary team from 10 countries. On location in Graz, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich.

Our competences
Consumer Understanding & Insights.

We determine the motifs, feelings and behavioral patterns that make and shape a target group. Thereby, we get a better understanding of our clients and our clients get a better understanding why people make certain choices, buy something or decide for a certain product.

By identifying the crucial factors behind the behavior of the target group and their demands for the brand, we learn how brands and business models can be connected with the people in a carefully targeted and emotional way.

these include
International Research
Deep Insight Interviews
Listening, Talking, Observation
Customer Journey & Roadmap
Use Cases

Brands are living property. This is why we develop creative fundaments for the future and clearly define the task, role and identity of a brand by extensive strategic consulting. The brand has room to grow and to position itself on the market and within the minds of the customers. Together with our clients, we create identification, differentiation, customer loyalty and added value that will sustain the social and ideological changes ahead.

As life has shown us: Looks determine who you choose. But the character determines who you’ll stay with.

these include
Business Model
Brand Positioning & Brand Architecture
Experience Strategy
Innovation Drivers
Employer Branding
Brand Management
Brand Identity & Experience.

We create extraordinary, all-around experiences that bring people and brands together in meaningful ways. This is only possible with careful creation and integration of products, services, behaviors, communication patterns and surroundings.

As moodley brand identity, we ensure our clients make relevant values come to life. Far beyond the sole appearance and the instant moment.

these include
Corporate Identity
Corporate Design
Brand Communication
Digital Branding & Management
Retail & Environments
Consumer Branding & Packaging
Service Design
Brand Guidelines
Brand Books
Roll Out & Implementation
Digital Design & Development.

We develop modern digital worlds that invite consumers to explore and trigger their emotions. This is why we combine strategy, content and technology to a holistic view of a brand.

The interdisciplinary team of moodley brand identity creates state-of-the-art digital identities, platforms and e-commerce-solutions that logically connect and allow the customers to dive into the world of a brand in the easiest way possible. We believe that good design should solve problems. So that a brand will stand for something in the digital world as well as in its own right.

these include
Digital Strategy
Use Cases
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Interaction Design
Web Development
E-Commerce Strategy & Solutions
App Design
Motion Design
Interactive Animations
Social Media & Branded Content Strategy
Roll Out & Implementation
Branded Spaces & Retail Design.

The more the digitalization of the world progresses, the more important a three-dimensional image of a brand identity becomes. Architecture and Interior Design are important parts of brand communication and serve as a touch point for all the senses.

We accompany our clients on their transformational journey of their corporate identity into three-dimensional brand worlds.

these include
Aesthetical Positioning
Mood Boarding
Materiality, Interior Design, Structure
Executive Support
Communication between Architects and Craftspeople
Branded Addresses.

An address is more than a house, a hotel or an office complex. People and businesses alike are looking for space that represents values and has meaning.

We transform addresses into brands because we want to evoke images, emotions and associations in those who enter. The attitude communicated joins with their own imagination – together they tell a story and provide an outlook to the future.

these include
Aesthetical Positioning
Corporate Design
Brand Communication
Service Design
Mood Boarding
Web Design & Development
Motion Design
3-D Animations
Opinion Leader Communications
Package Design.

Packaging is a living cover. It represents the soul of a brand and stands for the direct, graspable relationship between brand and consumer. We see packaging not only as a creative and effective coat. But as a chance for people to experience the heart of a brand – because this is the only way to impart values, from food trade to e-commerce.

This is why we design packaging that captures and intensifies the spirit of a brand in order to establish a connection between customer and brand – between desire and satisfaction.

these include
Consumer Insights
Material Research
Corporate Publishing.

Offline, online, mobile: corporate communications are omnipresent nowadays – but also redundant to some degree. This is why we create media that emotionalize through excellent design.

We call on a diverse network that opens up new approaches and views on relevant topics. Our responsibilities extend to conceptualization and production of magazines and include discrete publications as well as the ones that form part of a brand strategy.

these include
Storytelling and Content Strategy
Customer Magazines
Employee Magazines
Annual Reporting
Digital Publishing
Social Media Content Feeds
Photography & Film.

Visuals convey what words can only emphasize: emotions. This is why we connect brands with cinematographic aesthetics and communication with a sophisticated look. Together with our clients, we create worlds of imagery far removed from visual effect snatching that not only make the message and soul of brands, products or services visible, but also make them come alive.

We use an extensive network allowing us to find unique views that focus on our clients and their needs.

these include
Visual Conception & Strategy
Product Photography
Image Video
Motion Design
Video Effects
Post Production
Brand Future & Game Changing Scenarios.

Markets are constantly on the move. Knowing the game or adapting quickly will get you nowhere. But changing the rules will.

Change, whether personal or not, does not happen overnight. This is why we jointly and objectively develop vision corridors with the management team, enabling us to react to new developments and trends quickly and soon enough.

Societies, markets, target groups and technology are not regularities anymore, they are manifestations of constant change. We visualize this process and aesthetize future scenarios for our clients. So that tomorrow’s visions are shaped today and change can be felt, touched and tested.

In actual design pilot experiments, we connect new customer segments, markets and channels with new interfaces, apps, innovative digital experiences or the development of entirely new goods or services. In doing so, we can meet future challenges earlier and derive the strategic and visual consequences of different approaches.

At moodley brand identity, an interdisciplinary team of strategists, designers and digital experts works together with external specialists on extraordinary solutions of visionary character. Because visions result in innovation – and this in turn results in our clients’ advantage over their competitors.

these include
Innovation Workshop
Vision Corridors and Vision Scenarios
Design Prototyping
Environmental Design
Interactive Design
User Interfaces
Challenging Business Model
Opinion Leader Testing