moodley meets eyeson

moodley redefines what is possible, choosing European-owned cloud provider Exoscale to host eyeson video meetings.

Experts see sensitive consumer data at risk

Data security has long been a hot topic for professionals and consumers alike. Businesses often fall victim to high-profile breaches and see sensitive consumer data at risk. For many companies, it could soon become impossible to manage risks related to the use of US cloud providers for processing personal data. Worryingly, this is an issue that won’t just disappear over time. Hence, companies like moodley started to look for alternatives.
The EU has responded to this issue by drastically changing privacy regulations. The new GDPR of the European Union came into effect in May 2018. Since it is the most comprehensive data privacy law in the world, one would hope that it is providing both businesses and consumers with the full power of online data. However, this isn’t the case yet.
Since March 23rd 2018, US authorities can demand data access from US companies from servers located anywhere in the world under the Clarifying Lawful Use of Overseas Data (CLOUD) Act. US companies own most cloud providers in Europe. Consequently, using those cloud providers cannot be considered safe. Organizations are at risk of paying high fines for infringing GDPR requirements.

The search for an alternative solution

moodley, like many other companies, was looking for alternative approaches to ensure data privacy and GDPR compliance. Storing data in-house often isn’t a desirable, appropriate option, which is why businesses are looking for established cloud service providers. When running critical data in the cloud, a partner you can rely on makes all the difference. moodley found a partner in Exoscale – a cloud service provider that is owned by Austrian company A1 Digital International GmbH. moodley is now storing its video conference data with an Austrian owned cloud provider. Thus, the company is able to guarantee that consumer data is preserved safely.

Especially for moodley, as we are
operating in agile teams spread across several locations, using video conference as a main communication tool is part of
our daily work routine.

To organize individual project units and guarantee a trouble-free project schedule, the implementation of technologies is necessary to design and also maintain an ideal workflow. Smart working can improve performance while increasing employee satisfaction, so partnering with Exoscale was clearly the right decision for moodley.

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