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Pretty fresh.

RINGANA is always setting benchmarks when it comes to developing high-end products consisting of highly delicate natural substances. The cosmetic line's relaunch underlines the brand's high standard: absolute freshness without compromises and with maximum effect.


The abstinence of everything unnecessary is an essential part of RINGANA's brand philosophy. All body care products do without critical or artificial substances – the conscious way of treating your own body goes along with protecting resources. A clear commitment to minimalism with a maximum of effect. And an extreme demand that requires special packaging solutions. After designing PACKS and CAPS, a new packaging design for the cosmetic range was developed as well. The challenge: to protect the highly antioxidant, limited-lasting essences with eco-friendly materials and to set a clear signal – visually and verbally – for the brand's core: absolute freshness, pure nature and modern high-tech.


RINGANA leaves no doubt when it comes to philosophy, production processes and the quality of the used components. Everything that is not necessary, is expendable. This also applies for packaging. The ultimate transparency is expressed by the flask's modern and clear design vocabulary, that provides an insight to its contents. The puristic design with reduced labelling underlines the product's purity – simplified and standardised product names are a logical development for an internationally successful brand. The simple yet striking claim “Fresh” transports the core message that distinguishes RINGANA from other natural cosmetics.
The fine emphasis of the RINGANA flower upgrades the logo to a seal of quality. The perfected airless technology of the flasks is a first. It protects the high-performance active components and enables its recycling without polluting the environment due to cleaning. It's fresh, so fresh.
Die feine Betonung der RINGANA-Blume wertet das Logo als Gütesiegel auf. Ein Novum ist die perfektionierte Airless-Technologie der Glasflakons. Sie schützt die Hochleistungswirkstoffe und ermöglicht eine Wiederverwertung ohne umweltbelastende Reinigung. It’s fresh, so fresh.

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Package Design


Ringana GmbH

Creative Director:
Mike Fuisz

Brand Consulting:
Lisa Haller

Project management:
Lisa Haller

Art Direction:
Wolfgang Niederl,
Sabine Kernbichler

Graphic Design:
Sabine Kernbichler

Mia Feline,
Michael Königshofer,
Lilly Mörz

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